Zefzeed - 003 - ARRIA003 - ARRIA

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Zefzeed - 003 - ARRIA003 - ARRIA

Format; 12" EP

Style; House Minimal, Vinyl Only


A1:    Face In Your Face

A2:    Ships

B1:    Wun Two

Zefzeed returns to Arria’s 3rd release with a 3-tracks EP entitled ‘Ships’. The complete departure is made out of straight-up 4/4 grooves for which Zefzeed is known, each studio work having its own specific energy signature.

A1 spins Face in your face - a thumping, minimal - tech-y track with a bold bassline and a peanut-buttery fatness to its sounds.

The 12 inches continues with Ships, illustrating a seamless dark functionality that could definitely cast a spell over the right dance floor. The kick drums hit in intuitive places, while the distorted vocal brimms bypass the body & mind entirely.

On the flipside, Wun Two makes you come to it— once you lock in, it all comes together. The synth notes are pitch-bent mirages of sound, and some well-placed wub-wubs are creating a viscous groove that keeps you glued. By far the most intriguing piece of the release.