Yate / Badmango - GIABR005 - Genie In A Bottle Records

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Yate / Badmango - GIABR005 - Genie In A Bottle Records
STYLES:House Electro, Tech, Vinyl Only
A1: Sun Day
A2: Black Camel
B1: So A
B2: Jakvigusto

"So A" - This song, written during the COVID-19 pandemic, carries a distinct Ghetto House atmosphere and reflects my dreams of freedom. It contains elements of utopia and was created in a dawless mode, like a timeless song. It's a solo creation.

"Jakivgusto" - Another solo song of mine, composed during the pandemic, also carries the spirit of the ghetto. This song reflects my contemplations about the moment and our inner strength during challenging times.

In collaboration with Yate, we crafted the songs "Black Camel" and "Sun Day." "Black Camel" is a musical journey that narrates a cosmic rally, bringing excitement and energy to the listener. "Sun Day" is a musical message about a bright future before the onset of wartime events, reminding us of peace and harmony.