XDB - Inspiron - DIALLP044 - Dial Records

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XDB - Inspiron  - DIALLP044 - Dial Records 

STYLES: Deep House / Dub Techno / Techno


A1:    Prelude

A2:    Moveya

B1:    Endo

B2:    Transitions

B3:    Lopak Robot Ocean

C1:    Dial Fonk

C2:    Mystic Av

D1:    Desert Night

D2:    Ortago

XDB's long-overdue full-length debut album Inspiron finally in hand. For almost three decades now Kosta Athanassiadis aka XDB has been involved in the constantly changing world of dance music. His curiosity and dedication to electronic music spiral deep into the depth of House Music and Techno and where ever he appears he generously shares his unique knowledge in this field with equally dedicated crowds. 

An extraordinary stream of gravity connects both, his productions and DJ sets. Once breaking through a seemingly transparent surface, one get’s lost in the beauty and depth of forms and figures. There’s barely DJs and producers who keep searching for this hidden formula in such a microscopically detailed way to pass a lifetime in House Music and Techno on to the world. XDB's Inspiron embraces this unique approach, filters and develops inspirations in an entirely delicate way, and magically emphasizes the desires of the most dedicated listeners and dancers.