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Xandru - Sphoon Than Ep - SM001 - Sofiamuzik

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Xandru - Sphoon Than Ep - SM001 - Sofiamuzik 

Style; Minimal, Vinyl Only


A1:    Shpoon Than

A2:    Shpoon Than (Suciu Remix)

B1:    Teshignton

The label of the Chilean resident in LA Justin Page presents his first release by Xandru.

The A1 is for "Shpoon than" (name of the Ep) a minimal cut of long development where a martian bass accompanies us throughout the track, the warm synths are entering little by little to make a great musical collage.

In the A2 we find the remix of Suciu where we find a much more mental cut without leaving aside the more minimalist sound that characterizes the producer.

If we turn the album around, on the b-side we find a musical gem "Teshington" where the deep house is mixed with touches of electronic jazz.