Various Artists - RB007 - Rhythm Büro

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Various Artists - RB007 - Rhythm Büro 

Style; Techno, Deep


A1:    A_000 - Lilium

A2:    Hydrangea - Half Awake

B1:    Lapien - Tainted

B2:    Orion - Pi

Rhythm Büro's second VA release comes together as something of a legacy of doing parties and running a label for nearly 6 years. While the Ukrainain founders and core team is three members, the extended collective is composed of DJs and producers who've often played the parties, fans and friends alike from around the world. This EP is a celebration of that community: the Kyiv-based initiative has brought a handful of the parties' friends together for one beautiful four-tracker. After a run of solo EPs in their catalog by the likes of Zadig, Haze, Na Nich and Cyspe, Rhythm Büro's 7th release includes such artists as the Italian duo a_000, their compatriots Orion, one-half of Artefakt, Lapien, and the up-and-coming French techno prodigy, Hydrangea.