Various - Various Artists Vol. 6 - MOFF014 - MONDAY OFF

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Various - Various Artists Vol. 6 - MOFF014 - MONDAY OFF

Style: Techno

A1: Blazej Malinowski - Ocean
A2: Michal Wolski - Essence
B1: Xhato - Black Moss
B2: Milena Glowacka - Dystopia

Mary Yuzovskaya's vinyl-only Monday Off imprint delivers the sixth instalment of its various artists series, calling in a crew of talented artists to explore deep, cosmic anomalies and soothing modular soundscapes. Kicking off the compilation is Poland-via-Berlin artist Blazej Malinowski, a true wizard with sound, whose 'Ocean' sees rich textural synths crash like waves onto driving low-end. The Gods Planet, Svreca's Semantica, and 012 artist is followed by Nonplus+ and Blank Slate's Michal Wolski, who delivers 'Essence', a track boasting squelchy sequences, subtle acid and swirly psychedelia.

'Black Moss' is next, a minimalistic tripper by Xhato that expertly weaves rolling synthlines into sturdy drum work. It's a constantly evolving, deep space adventure before Milena Glowacka closes the EP with distant, foggy wastelands and dubbed-out hypnotics in 'Dystopia'. Volume 6 of Monday Off's compilation cements itself as another must-have collector's item for those venturing into the trippier side of techno.