Various - CHARGED PARTICLES VOLUME 2 - SL008 - Southern Lights

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Various - CHARGED PARTICLES VOLUME 2 - SL008 - Southern Lights 

Style; Techno


A1:    Vohkinne – Wave Function (Version Ii)

A2:    Sebastian Bayne – Two Spirals

B1:    Michal Wolski - Eclipse

B2:    Metapattern - Primor

Southern Lights celebrates its 5th anniversary with the first of two EP’s showcasing various artists titled “Charged Particles”. Charged particles is a metaphor taken from the Aurora Australis wonder, where charged particles from the sun enter the atmosphere on the poles and create the Aurora phenomenon. Creating the sonically charged particles for Volume 1 are 18 Figures, Cliche Morph, Bastian Balders and Shoal: a unified course that traverses across glacial textures, metallic soundscapes and sonic expeditions.