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Various - 20 Years of Cynosure - CYN086 - Cynosure Records

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Various - 20 Years of Cynosure - CYN086 - Cynosure Records 

Style; Minimal 


A1:    Mathew Jonson - That Lightning Sky

B1:    Deadbeat - Friends & Family Dub

B2:    Northern Vector - Drift Collaboration

C1:    Dewalta & Shannon - Cannondale

D1:    The Mole - Lurking Not Jerking

D2:    Cris & Johny - Eviction Party

A collection to celebrate the label’s 20 years in the business of releasing timeless techno and house tracks from the crème de la Crème of the artist roster.

“We like our bike, it is made for 3. Our Mike sits on the back you see. We like our Mike and this is why, Mike does all the work when the hills get high.”

Timeless words from the great Dr. Seuss, and in considering the 20 year history of Mike Shannon's Cynosure label, there could be no truer sentiment. From it's humble beginnings in a sleepy Canadian town formerly known as New Berlin (Kitchener, Ontario) to it's current home in Berlin proper, the label has grown to become a nurturing launch pad for artists from around the globe, and one of the most dependable and consistent providers for those in search of deep minimal funk of the house and techno persuasion. Much like Shannon himself, each and every release in the label's now vast catalog reveals itself with unhurried, confident class, and always with a wink and a wry smile.

In celebration of the label's 20th anniversary, Shannon has amassed another peerless collection of tracks from his nearest and dearest which, much like every banger in the back catalog, are certain to become permanent fixtures in record bags of DJs with an ear for taking dance floors straight down the rabbit hole for many years to come.

Featuring contributions from fellow Canadians Mathew Jonson, The Mole, and Deadbeat, Shannon's frequent collaborator Dewalta, and American legends Ryan Crosson and Brett Johnson to name but a few, Cynosure 20 is a testament to Shannon's stalwart commitment to the music he loves, and the incredibly talented group of merry pranksters he's brought along with him for what, it's safe to say has been one hell of a journey... may it continue for many years to come.