Van Bonn - DOPAMINE CLOUDS - Etui Records - ETUILTD016

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Van Bonn - DOPAMINE CLOUDS - Etui Records - ETUILTD016

Style; Dub Techno


a1 Dopamine Clouds

b1 The Drill

b2 Blurred Submission

ETUI welcomes dub techno wizard Van Bonn with his ep ‘Dopamine Clouds’. The German born lives currently in northern Europe where he draws a lot of his inspiration from his walks along the fjords, adjacent forests and open fields.

The three tracks present different facets of Van Bonn’s sound palette. The eponymous opener is a dub techno monolith. Every element is introduced after the other to generate a dub heavy groove before the break welcomes harmonious pads and contrasting dub effects that carry the listener throughout the time left of this 10:50 minutes emotional journey.

The Drill showcases heavily modulated chords on a forward pushing groove spiced with tonal melancholic sounds. Van Bonn only uses a very few elements in Blurred Submission - a slowed down dubby affair that moves away from the 4/4 kick to make space for deeply processed chords and dub signals that call for the remote future.