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Unknown Artist - Athena - OLMP06 - Olympos

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Unknown Artist - Athena - OLMP06 - Olympos 

Style; Techno / Electro


A1:    Enceladus D

A2:    Ophis

B1:    Glaphcopis

B2:    Minerva

The Olympos series returns with its sixth instalment, this time calling on Athena, daughter of Zeus, goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Olympos 06 features 4 tracks of trippy techno that rides space themes and strong advanced sound fx's that make listeners feel like they are travelling the galaxies.

A-side, starts with 'Enceladus D' which is a jaunt into futuristic electro. Featuring a proper continuous build that's supported by an eeriness, giving you a strong sense of space trek. Gritty breaks and next-level breakbeats just add to the tension. 'Minerva' is an adventurous tech workout not for the faint of heart. The wobbling bass makes for a bumpy mission, throwing off your equilibrium...in a good way.

The B-side is a heavy one! First off, 'Ophis' is an ominous yet powerful voyage into the abyss. A strong magnetic gravity is literally pulling your ship apart as you ride this dangerous route.

Lastly, 'Glaphcopis' pushes the boundaries of deep techno further. The 90's mood is palpable in this stargazing journey. Don't let the robot noises distract you. They are just adjusting the spaceflight travel coordinates.