The OWL - Only You Baby - CARDIOLOGY05 - Cardiology

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The OWL - Only You Baby - CARDIOLOGY05 - Cardiology 

Style; House Disco


A1:    Only You Baby

A2:    You

B1:    Got To Dance

B2:    Fever

A new Cardiology must mean more surefire disco, boogie and funk heat given an artful nudge, nip n' tuck. These four pearlers will be thoroughly useful tools in your utility belt, leading in with the singalong hook of "Only You Baby" which sports a healthy dose of boogie synth work. "You" by way of contrast is a strictly organic funker looped up to perfection. "Got To Dance" takes the tempo down but piles on the groove for this heavy dose of soul, and then "Fever" takes things out on a rolling trip of percussion and classic licks that'll have you sweating in no time at all.