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Taslo Valve & Bowyer - Volume Eight - RGS008 - Rube Goldberg Series

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Taslo Valve & Bowyer - Volume Eight - RGS008 - Rube Goldberg Series 

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A1:    Taslo Valve - Ancient Grains

A2:    Taslo Valve - Dialog That Needs Attention

B1:    Bowyer - Biscuit Bass

B2:    Bowyer - It's Ok

Relax, unwind and escape with this release from Rube Goldberg Series. There's a perfect experience for everyone.

A musical composition has the capacity to offer so many different types of experience. Whether you only have an hour to spare after work for a twilight retreat, whether you need a little time to yourself or whether you’re looking for quality time with a friend or loved one.

Music can be about yoga and a detox scrub or Champagne afternoon teas and manicures. They can be about relaxation in town, country or by the beach, with some of the UK’s most elegant music providing an oasis in the midst of London. Wherever you go and whatever type of Music you fancy, it’s always about you, your wellbeing and helping you to feel your best.

A dance to Taslo Valve’s “Ancient Grains” will lift the weariest of souls, while “Biscuit Bass” by Bowyer is an exceptional way to unwind. For those seeking an idyllic combination of luxury and wellbeing, it’s hard to beat Rube Goldberg Series. With its own vineyard and exquisite, purpose-built beats, Volume Eight is a treat for romantic evenings as well as celebrations with friends.