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Tapes - Sauna Research - RREP06 - Research Records

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Tapes - Sauna Research - RREP06 - Research Records 

Style; Reggae-Dub


A1:    Sauna Research

B1:    Aquarium Trousers

Prolific digi-dub recording artist Jackson Bailey heads up the new year for Research, debuting with a two track 7" of slow and melodic synth cuts. At once playful and naïve yet masterfully constructed, the pieces unravel in unison to create the drowsy headspace associated with pitched down G-funk beats or vintage Italian library. Sharing a similarly visual immediacy to Amedeo Tomassi's compositions for Biologia Marina, both 'Sauna Research' and 'Aquarium Trousers' conjure up subaquatic atmospheres of macrophytes and crill, wetsuits and snorkels. Tropical flora and fauna float by in the distance. Fittingly soundtracking the Australian summer, the new release follows on from recent daydream-like stoned outings for EM and Good Morning Tapes.