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Sven Weisemann - Limerence Toolz Vol.1 - FREKOBA1 - Mojuba

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Sven Weisemann - Limerence Toolz Vol.1 - FREKOBA1 - Mojuba 

Style; Deep House / Dub Techno


A1:    ▲

A2:    ▲▲

A3:    ▲▲▲

B1:    ►

B2:    ►►

B3:    ►►►


FREKOBA Joins the Mojuba label universe, an outlet with a refined focus on danceable music, to emphasise the unifying elements in underground social dance culture. The label starts off with a new series by Sven Weisemann called Limerence ToolZ, to delivery pure dance floor ready material to inspire not only the dancers but also and especially the DJs to work the ballroom all together as one, as a community!