Sleep D - Freak of Nature - BSR030 - Butter Sessions

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Sleep D - Freak of Nature - BSR030 - Butter Sessions 

Style; Techno / Minimal


A1:    Freak Of

B1:    Nature

Butter Sessions swiftly follows up Sleep D's May release BSD-01 with two complimentary heavyweights for a 12" release, Freak of Nature. Listeners may feel acquainted with the tracks as both have served as a staple in Sleep D's live set over the last 12 months.

Freak a strong beckon of electro-tinged techno that lures with a fearless pulse and an entrancing inflection, utilising the faithful sounds of the Roland Jupiter 6, Super Juipter and TR-09. 

The follow-up echoes basslines and percussion to overtly fuse the two tracks together. 

Nature taps further into Sleep D's homage to the live techno greats of the 1990s and early 2000s, mirroring their vigorous and eager momentum.