SIT - Urban Chronicles EP - AMP025 - Amphia

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SIT - Urban Chronicles EP - AMP025 - Amphia
STYLES:House Deep, Minimal, Tech
A1: Synth City
A2: Dreamworx
B1: Parallel Pulses
B2: Fabricated Odyssey

SIT returns to Amphia with a new release. “Urban Chronicles” comprises 4 tracks, each with its own distinctive sound reminiscent of early techno and house electronic music.

The A side launches in full swing with “Synth City”, a colorful, groovy tune, where vocal elements and airy synth lines blend together seamlessly. “Dreamworx” continues in much the same fashion, adding an introspective counterpoint.

“Parallel Pulses” and “Fabricated Odyssey” make up the B side, quirky and syncopated, with heavy bass lines and lively percussions.

More than any other release from the catalogue, Amphia 025 is an exploration of instinct and emotion.