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Saoirse / Roza Terenzi - Sixty 9 / Triple D - MARICAS002 - Maricas Records

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Saoirse / Roza Terenzi - Sixty 9 / Triple D - MARICAS002 - Maricas Records 
Style; Techno / Minimal / Australian
A1:    Saoirse - Dama Latina
A2:    Saoirse - You Can Come
A3:    Saoirse - You Can Come (Dub)
B1:    Roza Terenzi - Kandy Floss
B2:    Roza Terenzi - Triple D Feat Helen K
The second release on MARICAS Records is hot and ready to handle, fresh off the kitchens of two of the maestros of the moment, Saorsie and Roza Terenzi. Saoirse fires up the ignition with Dama Latina, an upfront housey number. Her tight, infectious groove bounces along incessantly, punctuated by an orchestra of bleeps and bloops, horns and sirens like one big sexy traffic jam. She keeps our fire burning low and slow with You Can Come. It’s underwater-funk with a lazy, heavily syncopated bassline overlaid with shimmering washy melodies and vocal on repeat, all dripping wet with reverb. We’re deep down in Chuggsville and it’s hot as hell.
On the flip side, Roza flips us out. Kandy Floss sends all kinds of creepy frequencies bouncing around the inside of our skulls. It's not long before a throbbing bassline creeps up on us in the dark and takes us on a ride, like a train through a haunted house of eerie sounds and voices. We cling to the steady groove because all other sounds are moving around us, like ghosts and ghouls erratically weaving in and out of each other over our heads.
We continue our spooky ride with Triple D must be something good because we’ve had three of them and we’re really feeling it. Helek K’s spoken words echo around us like a spiritual guide leading us through our trip, her moaning like a haunting lullaby. Driving bass all the way here, lifted by flickering percussion but darkened by the deep squelch of wobbly bass tone. Much psychedelic doof energy on this side of the disk.