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ONE MILLION EYES - Brama - ASIPV028 - A Strangely Isolated Place

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ONE MILLION EYES - Brama - ASIPV028 - A Strangely Isolated Place 

Style; Electronica 


A1:    Miss Jive

A2:    Punta Cometa

A3:    Mustang

A4:    Arsenale

B1:    Aguirre

B2:    Oceano

B3:    Like A Stream

B4:    Eustress

B5:    15-0

One Million Eyes was born out of a need to start again. As the duo previously known as Tempelhof - where they worked alongside musicians such as Gigi Masin - Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani experienced a pivotal and personal moment in their lives which inspired a reset in their approach and the need for a new musical outlet. It would be easy to try and describe such a transition in terms of wanting a new music style or a new ambition, but simply put, they wanted to get back to enjoying making music again. As they explored the instruments amassed in their studio and drew upon their upbringing amongst new-wave and rock, any ties to their previous output were forgotten and inhibitions were lost. Brama, their first album as One Million Eyes, was born. With this newfound freedom of artistic expression clearly evident, Paolo and Luciano created a classic Balearic record, reminiscent of that energy, storied mysticism and longing to return to a place full of good memories. As the sun disappears below the horizon and the final track closes out the afternoon's haze, you're left wondering whether this trip ever happened or was ever quite what it first seemed.