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Luke Vibert - WGD12001 - We're Going Deep

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Luke Vibert - WGD12001 - We're Going Deep 

Style; House / Techno / Electro


A1:    Worward

B1:    Dancehole

B2:    Arsehall

For the inaugural occasion of the Solo Series, Vibert turns his hand to drop a trio of aptly named 303 workouts in his inimitable style, proving it’s not what you’ve got but really what you do with it that just oozes pure quality on every level. Leading the charge on Side A, a 13 minute master jam ‘Worward’ goes straight for the jugular with a full range 303 loop filling the mix that simply won’t let go as 808 rhythmic patter drives forward – ever evolving, twisting and turning deep into machine induced hypnosis. Press play and let this stick of audio dynamite blow.