Kepler - Retro Future EP - SOI011 - Sukhumvit

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Kepler - Retro Future EP - SOI011 - Sukhumvit 

Style; Minimal, Garage, Vinyl Only


A1:    Pickled

A2:    Out Of Time

B1:    Groove Breakfast

B2:    In The Loft

Hot on the heels of his first outing on Constant Sound, rising star Kepler (real name Matthew Farrow) makes his first appearance on Sukhumvit. The Retro Future EP is well named, because you'll find plenty of vintage influences and good, old-fashioned inspirations amongst the four tracks on show. Bustling opener 'Pickled' adds mid-90s Korg M1 organ sounds, saucer-eyed ambient house chords and Orbital style melodies to an energetic, non-stop groove, while 'Out of Time' offers a similar blend of 1990s house sounds and contemporary club weight. Over on the reverse, 'Groove Breakfast' joins the dots between Italian piano house and mid-90s NYC house, before Kepler rounds things off with the sub-heavy snap and celestial synthesizer riffs of US garage-influenced roller 'In The Loft'