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PRESALE - Joris Voorn - Global Underground #43

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Joris Voorn - Global Underground #43

Style; Techno / Minimal


A1:    Luigi Tozzi - A New Hope

A2:    Joris Voorn - Kassandria

A3:    Monarke & Soul Button - Passage

A4:    Microglobe - Trust

B1:    Pan-Al - It's Nice To Miss You Too

B2:    Joris Voorn - Nea Skioni

B3:    Plastikman - Disconnect

B4:    Shade Of Drums - Path

C1:    Biosphere - Black Mesa (Feat Joan Lorring & Leslie Howard)

C2:    Human Space Machine - Rebirth

C3:    Linn Elisabeth - Charioteers

C4:    Sky Civilian - Open Door (Joris Voorn Edit)

D1:    Reggy Van Oers & Joachim Spieth - Mammatus

D2:    Joris Voorn - The Tower Of Naphtali

D3:    Landside - Signs Of Change (Etapp Kyle Remix)

D4:    Artefakt - The Blue Hour (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trans Rephase)

E1:    Willaris K - Cobaki Sky (Prequel)

E2:    Pulso - Dentro Del Pimpollo Esta La Nuez

E3:    Linn Elisabeth - Uncommitting

E4:    Yamaneko - Fall Control

F1:    States Of Flux - Road

F2:    Ohn Beltran - It's Because Of Her

F3:    Jonathan Kaspar - Kali

F4:    Paraphex - What We Leave Behind

GU present #GU43 Joris Voorn – Rotterdam. A monumental mix and a groundbreaking journey from one of the most exciting DJs on the planet.

Over 100 tracks including more than 20 exclusive originals & remixes from Joris Voorn and featuring music from CJ Bolland, Kölsch, Rone, Speedy J & so many more.

JORIS VOORN SAID: “Rotterdam is a city close to my heart, it’s where I started my career as a music producer, and gave me the inspiration to make my first tracks. GU43 takes you on a true journey.... One moment you feel you’re in the industrial Rotterdam harbour, next you’re in the vibrant cultural city centre. Sometimes you’re in a dark tunnel under the river that splits North and South before coming up to the tranquillity of a green park. GU43 is an ode to the city that gave me a life in music.”

This is a follow up vinyl only release to the widely successful Joris Voorn - Rotterdam #GU43 release last year. The previous vinyl #1 release completely sold out, so we decided to do a vinyl edition #2 with a host of brand new tracks, many of them exclusives to vinyl with several from Joris Voorn himself.