Jedeye - It's Forever EP - DAMN004 - D.A.M.N

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Jedeye - It's Forever EP - DAMN004 - D.A.M.N

Style; Techno / Electro, Vinyl Only

A1: It's Forever
A2: Groove Machine
B1: Dream House
B2: I'm Connected

This one sees a compilation of Jed Town's tracks under his Jedeye moniker.

Jed is one of those guys that has a great trip in the artistic world.
Starting out in Punk/EBM/Industrial bands like Features, SPK, Superettes, Fetus Productions and more, doing visual art and moving to more techno and ambient side. Till this days, Jed still is involved with music and art.

In the late 80's Jed moved to London, the places where his more techno side was forming under the name ICU, with which he released 1 CD and 2 EP's under Sawtooth Recordings. Working as a Lighting and Club Visual artist for club Knowledge where he was working alongside Colin Dale and Colin Faver and also as visual artist for bands and artists like Test Dept, Danielle Dax, GTO and Surgeon just to name a few.

A tour in 1995 with ICU in New Zealand led to his return there where then his Jedeye moniker was formed.

Tracks are chosen from his album "Reflector" released back in 1999 on a rock music Label from New Zealand called Felix Records.
Normally it's very unlikely to find Techno/Electro/House releases on a rock label, but Jed has a long backround of music from Punk to EBM and Industrial Rock, Ambient and so on.

Given the circumstances, the album was a long lost gem in the utterly vast space called music, where only a few people stumbled upon it, staying mysterious up until recently.

Hand stamped and limited to 300 copies!