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James Andrew - A Slice of Nice - TSOL001 - Limousine Dream

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James Andrew - A Slice of Nice - TSOL001 - Limousine Dream 

Style; Deep House / Tech House


A1:    Funky See Funky Doo

A2:    Dream Cycle

B1:    Planet Express

B2:    Skillz That Killz

This is the signal, pushing vibes out to Andromeda. Nostalgia that touches the future. Obscure but surprisingly universal. It serenades, excites, builds up, bleeps, and destroys, raving vicariously for those born later, rocking down the house, waving back, acid house texture, breakbeats, indulgent music, dancing together like it's the last day, bright and burning fast, too much flavour for the future. The Sound of Limo presents James Andrew's "A Slice Of Nice".