Goose & Hosca - Rinkuuddo EP - ATT004 - Adlibitum Tum Tunes

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Goose & Hosca - Rinkuuddo EP - ATT004 - Adlibitum Tum Tunes

STYLES:House Tech | Techno Electro | Australian

A1: Gently Weeps
A2: Lost Hera
B1: Rinkuuddo (Havantepe Remix)
B2: Rinkuuddo

Vinyl Only. Limited

Introducing the latest vinyl gem from Adlibitum Tum Tunes, it's the highly anticipated release number 004 by the dynamic duo, Goose & Hosca. These two maestros aren't just DJs and producers, they're true sonic artisans, crafting mesmerizing soundscapes that resonate with the soul.

Their collaborative project emerged organically, sparked by countless sessions of impromptu jams fueled solely by hardware. From these creative depths sprung a unique sound, one that seamlessly blends elements of acid, electro, and dub into a tapestry of sonic delights. With each track, Goose & Hosca invite listeners on a journey through their musical universe, a realm where the boundaries between genres blur and the energy is palpable.

Track A1, "Gently Weeps," sets the tone with its hypnotic acid groove, while "Lost Hera" on A2 delves deeper into introspective territories with its mesmerizing breaks.

On the B side, "Rinkuuddo" (B2) brings the EP to a crescendo with its infectious energy and intricate rhythms.

And nestled between these originals lies the crown jewel of the EP, the B1 track, "Rinkuuddo (Havantepe Remix)." Renowned dub techno artist Havantepe lends his expert touch to the duo's work, transforming it into a mesmerizing sonic journey that will leave listeners spellbound.

Prepare to be enchanted, dear vinyl enthusiasts, as Goose & Hosca invite you to immerse yourself in their sonic world. This EP is not just a collection of tracks—it's a journey, a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and unite souls on the dancefloor.

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