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G76 - L5S1 - PLAYEDBY013 - Playedby

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G76 - L5S1 - PLAYEDBY013 - Playedby 

Style; Minimal, Vinyl Only


A1:    L5S1

G76 returns to Playedby with a one-sided EP "L5S1" after his debut LP "A World Without Mirrors". The producer is known for a distinctive approach to sound that results in a very original work of art.

"L5S1" represents a part of the spine that is typically subjected to excessive biomechanical stress. The track links emotions in an associative, algorithmic manner with the vulnerabilities of the producer, which are revealed in sonic narratives.

Struggling with severe back pain while in the studio, the producer translated the voice of his physical suffering into arrangements that are arresting. The chords that underpin them are equally insistent and immersive, deep enough to make you close your eyes but with a bass line that could keep a crowd moving forever.