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Efdemin - Mono - COUNTER025 - COUNTER CHANGE

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Efdemin - Mono - COUNTER025 - COUNTER CHANGE 

Style; Techno / Ambient


A1:    Mono

A2:    Subconscious Dub

B1:    Sequence 100 (Johanna Knutsson Remix)

B2:    Sequence 100 (Dj Skull Remix)

Counterchange celebrates its 25th release with a special 12’’ by much loved Berlin techno-sound-artist and Berghain resident Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann, featuring two brand new productions, plus remixes of ‘Sequence 100’ (taken from Stream State, COUNTER014), by DJ Skull and Johanna Knutsson.

‘Mono’ steers an organic, runaway synth line (courtesy of the classic Korg Monopoly), along a sleek, 136 bpm set of modernist rails. In contrast, ‘Subconscious Dub’ bows to a dusty lo-fi house alter, while bouncing to a funky, techno-centric and contemporary pulse.

Chicago’s DJ Skull is a revered member of techno and house history who continues to provide slinky bangers that joyfully evade pigeon-holing. Skull’s mix of ‘Sequence 100’ reshapes the cascading polyrhythms into an effervescent, summery deep-house stomper.

In beguiling contrast, Malmö-based Johanna Knutsson channels sensitive storytelling and blissful tonal formations, ushering Efdemin’s original through a verdant forest of post-club ambience and subtle harmonics.