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Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts - ASIPV031C - A Strangely Isolated Place

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Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts - ASIPV031C - A Strangely Isolated Place 

Style; Ambient / 2 x 12"


A1:    Deep Rains, Dark Rooms

A2:    Faded Times, Future Truths

B1:    Endless Drifts, Empty Dreams

B2:    Acid Lies, Ageless Loves

C1:    Slow Moons, Sleeping Myths

C2:    Lost Arts, Lonely Angels

C3:    Hidden Gardens, Hazy Gods

D1:    Fallen Hearts, Frozen Houses

D2:    Warm Mornings, Wakeless Minds

Brock Van Wey returns as Earth House Hold and his third full album under the alias, continuing to explore the furthest influences of Ambient-infused, deconstructed Deep House in all its varying elements.

“...from the second I descended those stairs, lived it for myself, and the events that followed, I knew my life had changed forever. A life that brought with it a beauty as infinite as its pain”.

Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts explores a new aspect of Brock’s early Deep House influences, one that meticulous followers of this guise would have been patiently trying to guess since his last outing in 2018. If Brock’s debut Earth House Hold album (When Love Lived, 2012) took the grooves and danceability from Deep House, and his second, (Never Forget Us, 2018), highlighted the powerful progression of vocals and melodies, then Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts continues to build on the many aspects and inspirations of the Deep House genre, with a raw, dirty and somehow deeper take on the sound that Brock grew up with many years ago.


Brock’s signature vocals once again provide the narration and backbone to an album that is designed to progress; from its patient and spacious beginnings to its energetic and emotional closing chapters. Reverberating synths fill cavernous spaces as basslines rumble, bringing a darker, more abstract, early-morning vibe to an album born from a place of both reflection, and personal experiences.

“This is a house album in the purest sense of the word - just as much as the furthest thing from one that ever existed. As much a deconstruction of what deep house means as an attempt to reconstruct a time, and a life, it built.”