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Vinyl Dj Lesson / Mentoring

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Something Else Record Store Vinyl Dj Class / Mentoring

Please note we can also take appointments outside the booking times available via the website, if you would like to book a date / time that isnt available, OR if you would like a custom planned lesson for your particular requirements please email us to discuss at ; somethingelsesydney@gmail.com

We are providing one hour sessions to train up & coming vinyl djs to learn how to DJ on turntables, with the added option of learning / mentoring on how to run your own events.

Lessons are generally one hour each (contact us for special arrangements) and will be conducted at our store at 488 King St, Newtown NSW

These are some of the areas we will be covering;


  • - Equipment set up 
  • - Basic beatmatching / how to mix different styles / genres / bpms etc
  • - Understanding electronic music, Learn how to count beats, bars and identify phrases and know exactly where transition between tracks.
  • - How to select music / structure DJ sets
  • - Marketing & Branding - both for you as a dj & event promo / how to approach promoters to get gigs.
  • - How to record an great demo mix 
  • - What to do when you get booked for an event / how to prepare / what to do before, during and after the gig.


  • What do you need to consider when putting on your first events.
  • Event branding / Social media.
  • How to approach venues / what to expect / what to do before / during and after your event.