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Derek Carr - Arrival - FS026 - FireScope Records

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Derek Carr - Arrival - FS026 - FireScope Records 

Style; Techno


A1:    Arrival

A2:    Alaska Blue

A3:    Lunar Cycles

B1:    Anoat System

B2:    Venus Impact

C1:    Haemoglobin

C2:    Droid World

C3:    Apollo

D1:    Inside Out

D2:    Mcr

Derek Carr is a shining light in the world techno. Born and raised on a diet of soulful machine music, this Irish artist has honed his sound over decades. It is this wealth of knowledge and experience that forms the backdrop of Arrival.


Carr is greatly influenced by the complex, yet warm, style that characterised UK techno in the 1990s. This inspiration flows through the LP, a ten-track trip that begins with the understated elegance of the title piece. And elegance is an undoubted quality of this album. Drums are bold and melodies delicate in “Alaska Blue” with “Lunar Cycles” tracing a journey back to the halcyon days of deep electronics. The skies above, or the heavens, are a definite creative source for Carr. “Anoat System,” with its soaring strings, and “Droid World,” whose sparks of electro grow to a superb brightness, tell of a fictional fascination with space. The parred back grandeur of “Apollo” tells another story. From a base of brittle beats and static rinses, orbiting notes bend and reflect as a measured musical epic unfolds. Across the album, an unrivalled sense of balance is achieved. The bolder kicks of “Haemoglobin” give space for cascading, fragile keys. That same bedrock proves fertile ground for the crafted textures and smooth harmonies of “Inside Out.” The closer, “MCR”, brings another element to the proceedings. A raft of drum patterns and a liquid bassline give rise to a final foray into the stars, twinkling notes ebbing to twilight.


“Arrival” is emblematic of Derek Carr’s talent. Travelling across ten tracks, this audio journey explores the splendours of this world, and beyond, through lovingly crafted compositions. Timeless electronics from a modern-day master.