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CSR7000 - JILES EP - Adams Bite - ADAM005

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CSR7000 - JILES EP - Adams Bite - ADAM005

Style; Minimal 


a1 Miles I

b1 Jimi I

b2 Miles II

CSR7000 delivers an EP bristling with energy, perfectly geared for the intercontinental range. The aptly titled „Miles I” starts things off with a nod to one of the greats, preparing listeners comfortably to access their third zone. This journey clocks in at 10 minutes – luscious melodies and full endurance groove included. On the flip side, things get a bit trancier still. „Jimi I” introduces intricate melodies to realign mind and spirit, with all the dynamic range to support the experience. „Miles II” ends the project on a jazzy tip, pleasurable for the sample-spotters and dancers alike. Intricate drumwork harks back to the glory days of B-boy house and provides the perfect backdrop to this soothing trip.