Carlo Gambino - The Dime EP - JKH025 - Jack's House Recordings

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Carlo Gambino - The Dime EP - JKH025 - Jack's House Recordings
Style; House Minimal, Tech, Vinyl Only
A1: The Dime
A2: Catch 22
B1: Bounce With It
B2: My Mind

Sydney based Carlo Gambino is back with his 2nd vinyl release for Jack’s House Recordings, this time with the distinctive 4 track Dime EP, and it showcases his signature sound through and through and reminds you of what good true timeless house music should sound like.

Kicking off the A side with the title track The Dime, which is deeply groovy & punchy with a warm drive throughout the whole track. The track boasts repeated lyrics rapped in a female vocal with attitude over a chunky kick and rhythmic hats. The 30 second breakdown around 3 minutes in jumps straight back in with solid groove, attitude and class.

Next up is Catch 22 which chugs along nicely with a sub bass sound resembling the old days of rave travelling along seamlessly and laced with short vocal snippet stabs and driving chords.

Kicking off the B side is Bounce With It. This can only be described as pure dirty house accompanied by a deep male vocal which simply but effectively repeats the title (Bounce With It). This track is a total groove with a brilliant sequence of cool moody chords.

Lastly but absolutely by no means lastly, is My Mind. This track has all the qualities to be an unsung hero of an underground vocal classic with a timeless shelf life. With the infectious I´ve Been Losing My Mind sang along with the occasional lyric being harmonised which keeps the track lifted over the simple but punchy percussion and keys.This one will stick in your head.