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Bucurie - Mirror Time - FSRO004 - Feeder Sound

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Bucurie - Mirror Time - FSRO004 - Feeder Sound 

Style; Minimal, Vinyl Only


A1:    Spacefunk

B1:    El Espacio

B2:    The Call

The fourth pressing to arrive from the Romanian imprint feeder sound is titled “Mirror Time EP” and features three intriguing cuts signed by Mihai Dinu aka Bucurie with his hypnotic and vibrant microhouse or minimal techno music.

Side A is reserved for “Spacefunk”, a wobbling uplifting journey designed with a solid bassline, steady-paced percussion and eerie ever-evolving background effects. The reverberations and the subtle intertwined textures create a mysterious feeling, like being lost in space and letting the spiralling sounds to guide your path.

On Side B we find “El espacio” rolling with a warm vibration built with a prominent broken beat that elegantly merges with euphoric melodies and bright progressive arrangements while “The call” closes the EP with a driving dubby sound. Here, the atmosphere appears to be dimmer, being lead by delayed notes, subtle maritime chords and spacious breakdowns.