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Baaz - Ep - SOL3 - SLICES OF LIFE 

Style; House Deep, Tech


A1:    Judy´s Bass

B1:    Jeally

B2:    Carbon Hair

The 2012 release on SLICES OF LIFE comes from the Berlin vinyl DJ and producer BAAZ, who focus on deep pure and simple House grooves that roll on massively, and work perefectly without using obvious effects and frills. 

The A side "Judy's Bass" clearly reveals Baaz's love of fat bassdrums and basslines in combination with classic drum machine and percussion elements while the stringline carries you away endlessly. 

With "Jeally" on B1 Baaz delves even deeper into percussion programming and creates a perfect deep track for the late hours. 

Carbon Hair (B2) shows the dubby and darker side of Baaz: a very dub techno influenced house track that is especially driven by warm beats and open high hats.