Anomie - SOS EP - INNARV001 - Inna Riddim

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SOS EP showcases Anomie’s sonic world-building: elements of light and shade, force and affect, deftly woven and recombined to form a diverse yet thematically coherent cycle of musical realms.


1 Car Park RDM  

2 What You Gonna Do About It  

3 Machine Learning  

4 Makedonski Oro


The opening track, ‘Car Park RDM’, is infused with the essence of fire: its brutal snares and skulking, rubbery bassline blaze a trail into a dark terrain, its menacing synth leads leaping like flames that cast long, quivering shadows to momentarily illuminate a world of swirling pads and hint at other landscapes and textures to come: the minor-key melodies that form a thread of continuity through the diversity of the EP.


‘What You Gonna Do About It’ lifts the listener on gale-force air currents to a higher elevation. There’s a frenetic quality to this track—rising tension in the melody and a skittering, forward-tumbling breakbeat—that enacts a dialectic of control and overflow: the drums and tremulous bassline have the fluttering energy of a trapped moth.


With ‘Machine Learning’, Anomie draws the listener ever deeper into a futuristic submarine world of warm subsonics, a hybrid electro stepping beat augmented by chopped breaks, splashy cymbals, and pads ascending like bubbles escaping a vessel.


Then the final track, ‘Makedonski Oro’ plunges us back to earth with a slow, deliberate groove. A drawn-out melodic line, coldly stirring, undulates high above the unhurried, purposeful rhythm, like a piper heralding the approach of some martial procession of ancient warriors assembling in a valley, among high mountains of reverb-soaked atmospherics. The cycle is complete. SOS EP blends an extraordinary atmospheric diversity with dancefloor kinetics to evoke a dynamic world in miniature.