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Alexis Cabrera - ATIPIC014 - ATIPIC

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Alexis Cabrera - ATIPIC014 - ATIPIC 
Style;Minimal, Tech, Vinyl Only    
A1:    014 1 Feat. The Magic Olives
A2:    014 2
B1:    014 3
B2:    014 4
The first track on Side A is made in collaboration with The Magic Olives and delivers a solid minimalistic journey flavoured with hypnotic raw vocals and carefully placed glitches and effects. While the percussion shuffles into an engaging rhythm, the focus falls on the message that’s being delivered. The next cut switches to an electro-infused sound, where a wobbling bassline smoothly complemented by funky chords and inspiring breakdowns lay out a true dancefloor weapon.
On the flipside the overall atmosphere receives a push, with the third track dropping an uplifting techy vibe, perfect to make anyone start dancing in seconds. The drumming patterns smoothly blend with the modular arrangements in a groovy and organic flow that sweeps through the frequencies with style. The closing track showcases trippy piano constructions that are linked to jazzy influences as well as deep electronica.