Adam K.Roll - THE FINAL CALL - Primary colours - PCSS06C

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Adam K.Roll - THE FINAL CALL - Primary colours - PCSS06C
Style; Dub Techno / Ambient / Australian

a1 The Final Call
a2 Kassiopeia Dub
a3 Into the Ocean (Reborn)
b1 Sweet Breeze
b2 Heliospheric
b3 Into the Ocean (Echo Inspectors Remix)

180G Vinyl! The summer of 2008, the Echo Inspectors are touring Germany. One of their stops lands them in Koln, after getting their fix of record shopping at Kompakt they would meet up at a local bar with Pawas who just remixed their latest record. Joining the guys for a mid afternoon beer would be local producer and friend of Pawas, Adam Kroll. Fast forward to 2020 and Adam would reappear on the radar as Adam K.Roll with a fresh new dub sound, completely different to the minimal techno records of the mid 2000s. This fresh take on dub would capture the interest of the Echo Inspectors. Many DMs later would lead to Adam producing five fresh tunes for Primary Colours. Trying to describe Adams music is not easy. Adam seamlessly blends the sounds of Dub Techno, Ambience, Electronica, Jamaican Dub and an infusion of summer island sounds. Primary Colours has the honour of re-releasing one of their favourite Adam K.Roll tunes, Into The Ocean, initially released digitally on Adams on Bandcamp page, Into the Ocean has been reborn on wax. We loved it so much that we got the Echo Inspectors to remix it into a formidable dub techno groover. Kick back, sip on a fine whiskey, light a little number and immerse your aural senses to the sounds of The Final Call.