Dorisburg - House Organ For The Lonely - PHONICA028 - PHONICA

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Dorisburg - House Organ For The Lonely - PHONICA028 - PHONICA 

Style; Techno


A1:    House Organ For The Lonely

B1:    Fumana Prophecy

B2:    Rhythm Paint

Phonica Records proudly welcomes the highly respected producer Dorisburg to their main label roster with a brilliant three track EP of expertly crafted Deep House and Techno.

While his productions can vary widely from upbeat and melodic to dark and foreboding, one thing is consistent in them all; atmosphere. This latest chapter in the Dorisburg story is no different, with ‘House Organ For The Lonely’ starting the EP off with a slow-building and ominous feel eventually pierced by a delicate synth line. It’s the little details that mark his productions apart, with tiny flourishes throughout imbuing the track with a layer upon layer of texture.

Next up is ‘Fumana Prophecy’, a dark, bubbling cauldron of fizzing and whirring electronics occasionally enveloped by dense pads of bass. Hi-hats ratchet up the intensity. Finally, ‘Rhythm Paint’ begins with more earthly and off-kilter percussion before a glistening digital arpeggio dances on top.