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WD-40 Trax - WD-40-001 - Beef Records

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WD-40 Trax - WD-40-001 - Beef Records 

Style; Techno


A1:    Divadlo & Tanec

A2:    Danger Flammable

A3:    Noční Jezírko

B1:    Multi Use Product

B2:    Paid Runner

Following the highly acclaimed Obsolete EP and remixes on RFR records earlier this year, DJ Schwa is returning as WD-40 Trax with his new studio collaborator Jan Pos. The 5 track EP rediscovers the energy of the noughties tribal techno as peaking stormers topped by a dose of proper acid psychedelia contrasting with blazing grooves crafted for easy dancing.

Attention: WD-40 Multi Use Product contains petroleum distillates and should be handled with care.