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Morane - The Trick - PERLON34 - Perlon

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Morane - The Trick - PERLON34 - Perlon 
Style; Electro / Minimal     
A1:    Think Away
B1:    Think Dark
B2:    Think On Air
repressed !
Morane, that's the new project of Markus Nikolai and Theo Krieger, a collaboration which already proved it's potential with '99 summer hit "bushes"(PERL10). Perlon 34 offers 3 variations of "the trick": A1 (think away) and B2 (think on air) sound like a cooperation of Prince and Kid Creole at their very best time (remember "the sex of it"?). Energetic brass-sections, percussion and pitched vocals form a latin-funk-monster that will heat up prime-time-dancefloors. B1 (think dark) is a reduced, straight electronic mix including vocals that remind us of Yello's "oh yeah"....dancefloormadness guarenteed!