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Carl Craig - At Les EP - TR53 - Tronic

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Carl Craig - At Les EP - TR53 - Tronic 
Style; Tech House / Techno
A1:    Christian Smith's Tronic Treatment Remix
B1:    Christian Smith's Hyptonica Remix
One of Smiths favourite pieces of music, At Les, has been a remix target of his for a long time but earlier this year inspiration and motivation combined and resulted in two brilliant interpretations which were immediately sent to Carl Craig, purely out of respect. Craig loved them, granted his permission and approval for a special remix package release on Tronic and now, here we are with one of the biggest releases of 2010.
Delivered in both Tronic Treatment and Hypnotica Remix forms, Smith has taken the originals warmth, musicality and emotion and given them the sort of energy and power which has made him one of the most bankable producers of recent years.
The Tronic Treatment remix starts slow but with careful and patient layering of melodies builds to an epic, peak time track which takes on an almost orchestral feel while the aptly titled Hypnotica Remix takes a slightly more aggressive, loopier and hypnotic take.