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Various - YOIONWAX007 - YOI

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Various - YOIONWAX007 - YOI 
Style; Minimal, Tech, Vinyl Only    
A1:    Samos - 0303
A2:    Wodda - Fantasy
B1:    Anania - Cobra Goal
B2:    Matpri - Vors
The seventh record in the YOIONWAX series is released on another YOI birthday. This vinyl, like the previous ones, brings together musicians from all corners of our one, united planet Earth.

The journey begins in Argentina and is guided by young artist Samos, charging with a powerful vibe and ocean energy in his track "0303". These numbers can serve as a reference point that everything that happens in the life of everybody, who has a YOIONWAXOO7 record in his hands, goes on time and right, and the vibe of the track will give confidence in every step. This wave is picked up by another young musician from England - Wodda. He immerses into a modern industrial city with his track "Fantasy", showing real underground sound, among English architecture, stoneworks, castles, followed by modern bridges, arenas, where everything is moving in steady but calm rhythm. Do not be afraid to fantasize, to dream, to invent something new! That's what the YOIONWAXOO7 journey is all about!

After a brief respite while the record was flipped and put back on the turntable, the journey continues in Italy, where Anania with his track "Cobra Goal" takes us into a world of experimentation. Keeping the wave of confidence and open mind from previous levels, you can set a goal and experiment to achieve it, just like a cobra does. After successful experiments and reaching the goals, it remains to work on small things, details, like weavers work on every fiber of the carpet, as demonstrated by one of the most experienced musicians of house music scene in Russia - Matpri in his track "Vors", which completes the journey entitled YOIONWAXOO7.

Complementing the musical component of the journey is a classic animated artwork made by YOI headmaster Watsche. Supporting the experimentation and work with details in the music, an animated "snake" from the well-known game of the same name appears on the second half of the record. Watch the magical transformation of the drawing on the record label into an animation using your phone camera with the flash turned on and share this magic with the people around you! For more on how to do it right, look up YOI social media.