Funky Trip - Magic Woman - ARR048-1 - Artreform

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Funky Trip - Magic Woman - ARR048-1 - Artreform

Style; Minimal

A1: Original
A2: Petit Batou Remix
B1: Barac Remix

Ukrainian vinyl label ARTREFORM significantly raises the stakes as its important anniversary (a soon-to-be-released 50th record) is gradually approaching. ARR048 is a double record, including three original tracks by Romanian producer Funky Trip and four Barac, Petit Batou, Lorgu, and Lukea remixes. ARTREFORM’s founder, Kyiv DJ and sound producer JOSS, obviously trusts and bets on Funky Trip’s talents, and this bet looks set to play out big time. Nicolae Catalin Cimpoier (Funky Trip’s actual name) is a notable representative of the new wave of the Romanian electronic scene that catapulted many stars to global fame. Thanks to a series of successful releases on Rawax Music and Stamp Records Paris, this Bucharest musician perfected his recognizable sound of crystal-clear minimal house, embellished with warm emotions and exquisite, shimmering melodies. Now it’s high time Funky Trip transitioned to vinyl!

Is it a double infinity sign? Or is it the year techno moved over from the States to Europe? Or maybe it’s a birthdate? Most probably, only Funky Trip is privy to what “88” in the title of his new release on ARTREFORM stands for. Surely enough, this knowledge is shared by Mia Zedan, a singer, musician, and producer from Bucharest, who has collaborated with Funky Trip on this track. However, other numbers are crucial for the ARTREFORM boss and renowned Ukrainian DJ Joss. With this 48th vinyl drop, he’s building up the hype and anticipation for ARTREFORM’s anniversary 50th release, culminating more than ten years of the label’s history. Still, “88” is only the first part of a double record, with a sequel promptly following. The first serving delivers distinctive minimal house production, with which Funky Trip and Mia Zedan organically combine ascetic grooves with playful, catchy melodies. On a separate note, two splendid remixes that round up the release are worth highlighting. Petit Batou, a producer and vinyl enthusiast from Paris, rendered “88” into some classic intelligent deep house a la Move D. At the same time, famous Romanian Barac turned the track into a club-oriented tech house number in his signature style.