DJOKO - Ventura - SNF055 - Shall Not Fade

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DJOKO - Ventura - SNF055 - Shall Not Fade 

Style; House


A1:    Morning Wonders

A2:    Morning Wonders (Leo Pol Remix)

B1:    Ventura

B2:    Sylvestre Alone

Ventura EP is an exhibition of DJOKO's skill, tight and groovy house cuts that beg to be played all summer. Kicking off with a hazy gentle burner in "Morning Wonders", he serves up laid-back pads glittering with a funky dance pop organ - a summer track that is flipped and darkened in Leo Pol's remix, adding a firmer rhythm and growling sub bass; the night-time's answer to this day party number. The title track exemplifies DJOKO's fresh take on house music, carefully blending retro samples - crooning disco vocals and organic bass - with a soaring futuristic sound palette into a sublime high-class groove. Pumping B2 "Sylvestre Alone" is a percussive, emotive roller, its tight infectious riffs unavoidably pushing you to dance.