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Klon Dump - Klon 001 - KLON001 - Klon Dump

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Klon Dump - Klon 001 - KLON001 - Klon Dump 

Style; Tech House / Minimal


A1:    Verklärte Dumpster

B1:    Klon Mundo - Klon Domo

Following a string of EPs for Unterton under his Mark alias, KLON001 debuted during Klon’s back-to-back DJ set with Nick Höppner for the Ostgut Ton aus der Halle am Berghain stream. His previous releases on A Colourful Storm and Thomas Melchior’s label My King Is Light garnered adherents like Raresh and Ricardo Villalobos, and these new productions drop all pretence of subtlety in favour of aggressively memorable hooks.