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Seppsilvestri - The Searching LP - PRAETORIUM002 - PRAETORIUM

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Seppsilvestri - The Searching LP - PRAETORIUM002 - PRAETORIUM 

Style; Minimal / Ambient / 2 x 12"


A1:    Beyond The Portal

A2:    Ready For Landing

B1:    A New Land

C1:    Searching The Area

C2:    Knowing Eachother

D1:    We'll Live Together

A name already known within the Romanian minimal lovers; Sepp is visiting Praetorium imprint for an adventure in time and space under Seppsilvestri alias. The Searching LP follows Crihan’s opening album discussed earlier this year.

His latest album has been announced on Praetorium, making it the second outing for the conceptual label. As he spreads the LP over 6 tracks, a clear deviation from a familiar Sepp sound can be discerned as early as Beyond the Portal. He transcends an outer space exploration by the use of alienated sound patterns with every piece being another part of the expedition itself.

As the traveler crosses Beyond The Portal and gets Ready For Landing, A New Land is found, and one can start Searching The Area. A new life form is being found and they start Knowing Eachother, concluding to We’ll Live Together.

Not only this album is filled with atmospheric layers, but it also takes one’s mind at ease of traveling in his own chair. Praetorium is delivering stories to your ear-step and by doing so, a whole new gradient of sound can be contemplated while Sepp leaves no room for hesitation.