Daniel O'Toole - Luminous unknown - Cascade Rumble

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Daniel O'Toole - Luminous unknown - Cascade Rumble
Style; Electronica / Ambient / Australian
In stock; week 35 / 2023
1.Hot rain 05:55
2.Braille 03:49
3.Joy ache 03:00
4.Star seed 02:23
5.Humble giants 07:02
6.Eye of the butterfly 08:41
7.Quake 03:47
8.Flicker 02:00
9.Refurbished tranquility 04:11
10.Spinning out 02:33
11.Gental magma 04:23
“Luminous unknown” refers to the idea that creatures of the insect world are able to perceive colours beyond human perception, and endeavours to capture the feeling of this heightened perception where extra frequencies of light exist.
Daniel O’Toole, multimedia artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, is excited to announce the release of his latest album, "Luminous unknown.” out on his new label 'Cascade Rumble Records'.
Having established a career in the gallery space, O’Toole exhibits internationally, creating minimal colour field paintings inspired by the ‘Light and space’ movement of Los Angeles. Artists like ‘James Turrell’ and ‘Brian Eno’ come to mind.
In recent years, O’Toole’s practice has increasingly incorporated sound in his exhibition design; offering a more immersive experience, creating a specific mood to enhance the journey of discovering his colour field paintings, giving us a glimpse at an undefinable language that the artist is building to communicate synaesthetically.
"Luminous unknown" features field recordings from the Louvre in Paris (recorded by artistic duo Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, as part of THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG), as well as the sound of a live string quartet, (recorded by Jack Garzonio at 301 Studios /Syd) featuring, Yuhki Mayne (1st Violin), Dora Maria (2nd Violin), Neil Thompson (Viola), and Eleanor Streatfield (Cello).
"Luminous unknown" seamlessly fuses elements of ambient, experimental, neoclassical, instrumental and electro-acoustic music. Incorporating field recordings, with a live string quartet, to create a surreal and immersive listening experience.
This music is innovative in its ability to stretch time, the compositions are meandering and cinematic. A hypnotic layering of warm synth tones bubble along rhythmically, while the live string quartet glues the whole thing together. O’Toole’s music is a sort of ASMR dream, he seems fascinated with textures and combinations of sound that are visceral and otherworldly.
‘Luminous unknown’ is an unusual album launch; instead of being played in a music venue live, we are invited into the gallery space (Modern Times on Smith Street) to hear it playing off a record player while surrounded by the artist's sculptural paintings.