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Plant43 - Sublunar Tides - PLANT43006LP - Plant43 Recordings

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Plant43 - Sublunar Tides - PLANT43006LP - Plant43 Recordings 

Style; Techno / Electro / 2 x 12"


A1:    Sublunar Tides

A2:    Links Forever Forged

B1:    Arc Furnace

B2:    Concrete Breakers

C1:    Neon Sentinel

C2:    Transient Cities

C3:    Perfect Ruin

D1:    Still Sparks

D2:    Tides Align

The sixth album by Emile Facey under the Plant43 moniker and the seventh release on his Plant43 Recordings imprint since its inception in 2020, Sublunar Tides is his most expressive and stylistically wide ranging to date. Over 52 minutes and nine tracks the album whisks the listener effortlessly from fast-paced dancefloor electro through the slowmotion cloud-soaring of Concrete Breakers, the intricate experimental synths of Perfect Ruin to the lilting, songlike tones of the emotional album closer 'Tides Align'.

A co-founder of London's Bleep43 crew, Facey has been promoting underground electro and techno since the 90's. As a producer he's been releasing records since 2005 with a string of releases on respected scene favourites such as Central Processing Unit, Frustrated Funk, Semantica, Shipwrec and Cultivated Electronics. He has played live alongside DJ Stingray, ERP/Convextion, Sync 24, Surgeon, Legowelt, Urban Tribe, Svreca, Datassette among many others.