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Various - Rhythm Method Vol 4 - MOSAICLTDX4 - Mosaic

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Various - Rhythm Method Vol 4 - MOSAICLTDX4 - Mosaic 

Style; Minimal, Tech, Dub


A1:    Jay Tripwire - Mung Bean Medley

B1:    Hidden Sequence - Synchro

B2:    Fletcher - Makka

Steve O'Sullivan invites a trio of artists to lay down some serious head nodding beats for ‘Rhythm Method Vol.4’. Calling on one of Canada’s trusted talents and solid purveyors of deep grooves Jay Tripwire leads the charge with ‘Mung Bean Medley’. There’s simply no messing: pushing through a taught rhythmic workout, incessant toms and metallic tones etch deep into the mood - awash with dubbed out atmospherics and crafty touches that more than a give a nod to the dark house dubs of yesteryear. On the flip, ‘Hidden Sequence’ inject their creative flex, demonstrating the all important art of minimalist bounce with ‘Synchro’. The kind of fully swung beats and tripped out twinges that brighten the groove more often than not when 7am comes calling. The svelte bustle and soothing tones of ‘Makka’ from Fletcher by contrast, soothe the mind and leaves plenty of room to kick back as weary limbs take their toll: a fine tonic indeed