Derek Carr - Archive : Postlude - PRTR26 - Pariter

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Derek Carr - Archive : Postlude - PRTR26 - Pariter
STYLES:Techno Dub, Techno
A1: Djk (Pariter Version)
A2: Theta (Pariter Version)
B1: Ariel
B2: L'equipe
It has been a superb run but now, sadly, we come to the final part of Pariter's Derek Carr reissue series. Carr has been welcomed back into the heart of the underground in recent years with plenty of essential new sounds, but his archives as just as filled with gold. Postlude shows that with four more warm, inviting deep techno cuts embellished with cosmic synth details. 'DJK' is a mid-tempo opener with smeared chords over tech-edged drums and 'Theta' gets more techno with golden synth lines rippling through the mix. 'Ariel' has a happy, upbeat feel to the chords and crisp drum funk and 'L'equipe' shuts down with a slightly slower, more laid-back vibe. All killer no filler.