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Harrison BDP - Perspective EP - SITU-777 - SITU

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Harrison BDP - Perspective EP - SITU-777 - SITU 

Style; Deep House / Uk Garage


A1:    Every Cloud

A2:    Sometimes It's Like That

B1:    Perspective

B2:    Floating Or Sinking

Everyone’s favourite Welsh producer, Harrison BDP, channels deep, chugging house, sun-kissed 2-step and introspective rollers on the Perspective EP on SITU Records.

‘Every Cloud’ is as buoyant as the title would suggest; a cut of inward-looking garage-breakbeat perfectly suited for gazing out to sea; although the ocean is filled with tears, and where there should be one blazing ball of fire there are two.

‘Sometimes It’s Like That’ is an ode to the producers care-free spirit; a bouncing cut of electronica that symbolises a happy accident - like mistaking a zoot for a cigarette - it’s malfunctioning bleeps and vibrations slowly sinking the listener into a kaleidoscope of colours, tones and textures, before ‘Perspective’ brings us back down to earth with its

jacking aesthetic and sample-speech, reminiscent of the Chicago greats but with a hefty dose of the producers own personality.

‘Floating or Sinking’ rounds things up with wobbly, chugging textures that do exactly what it says on the tin. Am I floating, am I sinking? It doesn’t really matter; we could be floating through not-so-distant galaxies or sinking into a ground of a thousand hugs - either way, it’s a blissed out trip worth going on.